Pakistan musicians participating in Samaa int’l festival at Cairo

ISLAMABAD: The 10th round of ‘Samaa’ International festival for spiritual music and chanting, started on Sunday at Citadel of Saladin, Cairo Egypt.

A three-member troupe from Pakistan, led by Akbar Khamiso Khan, a renowned folklore musician from Pakistan, participated in the festival, said a press release.

Khamiso Khan is a popular musician from Pakistan who plays al-goza which is an instrument used in playing folkloric melodies.

Pakistani troupe enthralled the audience with their performance and received well-deserved appreciation.

Performers and musicians from more than twenty other countries including Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia, Romania and Bangladesh are participating in the music festival.

The festival is astep towards a long road for peoples and nations to come closer. It opens up new windows of different cultures from across the globe with the art of Samaa “Listening” to penetrate the soul of humanity.

The festival will continue till Sep 27.

A large gathering including members from the diplomatic community watched the performance. It was an impressive show and a message of peace to the entire world through the participation of over 20 countries from across the world with their diverse cultures.

Theme of the festival is to act as a platform for becoming familiarized with the arts and culture of different peoples and religious heritage in its different forms worldwide to ascertain the main message of all religions, advocating tolerance and acceptance.