Pakistan not to compromise on its dignity, honour : Asif

ISLAMABAD:Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif Friday Friday said Pakistan would not compromise on its dignity and honour and that nations had to face difficulties for maintaining their respect.

Pakistan had played a key role in Afghanistan for US against Soviet Union, but after that the US had imposed sanctions on the name of Pressler Amendment against Pakistan, he said while talking to a private news channel.

The minister said the US wanted to show the world that Pakistan was responsible for its all failure in Afghanistan, adding US had changed its stance many times in recent years regarding Afghanistan.

He said Afghanistan was our neighboring country and a peaceful Afghanistan was in the favour of Pakistan.

The US decision regarding Pakistan’s inclusion in watch list was based on bad intention, he added.

He said the situation of minorities was worst in India, but US had closed its eyes from it.

Replying to a question, he said parliament was the supreme institution of the country because it was having representatives of people and in democratic system people had real power.