Pakistan Post expands scope of its financial services

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Post (PO) has expanded scope of its financial services to make secure and timely delivery of mail, money and material at the doorsteps of the customers at affordable charges.

An official of Pakistan Post told reporter that the department is offering various financial services including Post draft, Electronic Money Order (EMO) service, Postal Order and Money Order.

He said Pakistan Post is offering Postal draft service to cater the needs of urban population and business community, adding that this is very competitive as the service charges are nominal and the payment is relatively quicker compared to traditional banks.

He said that EMO is another service for the domestic money transfers.

He said that through EMO service, customers were able to transfer money up to 100, 000 at very nominal charges ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 600.

He said that Pakistan Post remittance services also very popular among its customers, adding that these provide a secure and cheap mode for remittance of the money.

The official said majority of population lives in rural areas where regular transaction services are scant, adding that Pakistan Post fills this void and provides remittance services through money order.

He said Pakistan Post is also offering Postal Order Service to fulfil the requirements for small remittances at nominal commission.