Pakistani startup holds a virtual exhibition in China

ISLAMABAD:PakStockPhoto, Pakistan’s largest stock image library has joined hands with All Pakistan-China Friendship Association (APCFA) and Beijing People’s Association for friendship with foreign countries to promote Pakistan’s beauty through powerful visuals during the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) in Beijing.

The PakStockPhoto’s photo exhibition titled “Promoting Pakistan Tourism and Culture” is on-going through virtual platforms including the website of CIFTIS. It is part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of establishment of Pak-China diplomatic relations.

“Exposure and education are key to promote tourism in Pakistan,” said Abid Azam, one of the founders of PakStockPhoto.

Pakstockphoto is currently working on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision on showcasing Pakistan through powerful pictures and storytelling to attract investment and tourism in the country, he added.

“We feel that tourism can make major changes to our economy and employ hundreds of thousands of Pakistani’s all over the country.This work is our way of giving back to our country and community.”

This exhibition carries a collection of 85 works of 37 artists from across Pakistan.