PC-1 approved for widening of IJP road

ISLAMABAD: The government has approved PC-1 amounting Rs.6739 million to widen IJP Road and ensure smooth flow of traffic on it.

The PC-I amounting to Rs.6739 million has been approved and the consultants have been appointed and detailed design along with estimates for the work are under the process of approval, an official source in Interior Ministry said.

He said the routine repair as well as maintenance such a necessary patch work is being carried out for smooth flow of traffic while a project has been approved for complete rehabilitation of road including its widening.

IJP Road is the busiest road and almost 40-50% of the road is in dilapidated condition due to heavy traffic. The road was originally constructed in 2004-06 with design axel load of flexible pavement as 8.2 tons.

After a terrorism act in Islamabad in 2007, heavy traffic was diverted to IJP Road from Srinagar Highway and the heavy traffic using the road is mostly carrying 25 tons axel load.

The proposed rehabilitation of the road includes addition of two rigid pavement lane along with rehabilitation of existing two lane on both sides of the roads. The work on project to be completed in two years. The work is scheduled to start by next financial year 2021-22, the official source said.