People irked by increasing vegetables’ prices

ISLAMABAD: The price of tomatoes and other vegetables have increased sky high which has irked the people of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Tomatoes are being sold at Rs 128-168 per kg while increase in price of other vegetables is also seen. The price is quite alarmingly high as compared to Rs 50 to 60 per kg when the rise started couple of days back.

Tomato prices have jumped by more than 200 per cent in just days but government departments particularly the price control magistrates are watching the entire game with closed eyes taking this matter non-seriously.

“It was worrying that not only tomatoes rates but all other vegetable prices skyrocketed and government should take notice of the issues on priority,” Humera Khan said.

She said that some days back, wholesale price of tomato was hovering between Rs 40-50 per kg which rose to Rs 80-100 per kg last week and on Sunday the wholesale price was ranging between Rs 200-per kg.

On the other hand Islamabad Market Committee rates issued here, potato was sold at Rs 36/30 per kilogram, Onion Rs 60/53, Tomato Rs 168/128, Ginger Rs 165/125, Garlic Dasi Rs 100/80, Garlic Quetta Rs 130/95, Lemon Rs 140/108, Lady Finger Rs 60/45, Pumpkin Rs 50/40, Brinjal Rs 30/24, Peas Rs 180/135, Fresh-Bean Rs 70/55, Cucumber Rs 55/42, Capsicum Rs 80/65, Green Chilli Rs 50/38, Cauliflower Rs 70/55, Cabbage Rs 36/29, Bitter Gourd Rs 75/55, Green Zucchini Rs 50/38, Spinach Rs 20/16, Raddish Rs 35/29, Turnip Rs 55/42, Yam Rs 27/23, Maroo Rs 68/55, Carrot Rs 75/52, Chicken Rs 105 and Egg per dozen Rs 75.

Likewise, the rates of fruits per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple (Golden) Rs 90/65, Papeeta Rs 132/95, Apple China Rs 200/150, Banana Pak Rs 70/50, Guava 55/35, Pear China Rs 160/115, Garma Rs 65/40, Mango Nawapuri Rs 220/175 and Grapes Rs 172/130.

People are asked to ensure that they are sold vegetables and fruits as per rate list and inform authorities at 051-4867762 in case of any compliant against shopkeepers.