People with heart problems advised to take precautions in Winter:cardiology expert

ISLAMABAD:A cardiology expert on Wednesday advises people with heart problems to take extra precautions during the winter season , and to consult their cardiologists, particularly in determining the proper timing and dosage of their medications, in order to avoid complications.

The renowned cardiologist Major General (retired) Dr. Azhar Mahmood Kayani, in an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan said a large number of people die of heart attacks due to a lack of awareness.

He expressed his concern and said that the people were not properly aware about the nature of heart diseases which they can ward off easily by taking a number of steps.

He said that one of the factors of the rising number of IHD was the consumption of contaminated cooking oil and their special penchant for consumption of meat in their daily diet while excessive use of vegetables and fruits were highly recommended.

Dr. Kayani strongly recommended the masses to keep the tablets of disprin in their homes which averted the heart failure instantly and worked well till the patient is removed to the hospital.

A heart attack happens when a blood clot suddenly and completely blocks one of the heart arteries, starving part of the heart muscle of oxygen. This usually causes permanent damage to the heart muscle, he explained.

He said during the winter season, children and the elderly are especially at special risk because they have lower levels of subcutaneous fat and many not be as aware of temperature levels. Symptoms can include mental confusion, shivering, sleepiness and slowed reactions.

So your heart is already working hard to keep you warm and if you now add into the mix sudden exertion through activity and you may exacerbate any heart-related conditions, he added.

He said heart disease is number one killer in the world and 80 per cent of these deaths occur in South Asia only as arteries of people living in this part of the globe are narrow.

Dr said categories of heart diseases include arties blockage, valves blockage, heart muscles damage and problem in electrical system of heart.

Dr. Kayani said that heart diseases can occur at any age due to smoking, mental stress, fatness and diabetes.

He said damages caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking obesity, lack of exercise, high cholesterol and stress he said than learn to say no to diet that causes heart problems, learn to laugh loud, apologize on mistake and count up to 10 before exploding due to anger.