PIA’s Boy Scouts celebrate Pakistan Day

ISLAMABAD: The Boy Scouts Association of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Islamabad has celebrated the Pakistan Day with national zeal, highlighting sacrifices rendered by the Independence Movement leaders in achieving a separate state for Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

The event, organized by the Islamabad District association the other day, was attended by more than 55 scouts, a news release said Wednesday.

Participants including Saad-ul-Haq, Wajih-ul-Hassan, Abdul Junaid Abbasi, Abdul Samad Abbasi, Syeda Maimoona, Abdullah Khan and Huzaifa Habib presented speeches to highlight significance of the March 23 in Pakistan’s history.

Mehd-ul-Haq, Ahmed-ul-Haq, Ahmed Khan, Ammara Naz and Huraira Habib sang national songs and mesmerized the audience.

Association’s District President Shahzad Waheed highlighted the importance of the Pakistan Day and stressed the need for making collective and sincere efforts for national development and betterment of the Ummah.