PMNH to submit feasibility report for construction of new blocks soon

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) will submit feasibility report for Construction of six new blocks soon following that new PC-1 would be prepared.

“An amount of Rs35 million has been allocated for feasibility report, design, planning, maps and lay out for six blocks”, PMNH Director General Dr Mohammad Rafique told reporter.

The director general further said hopefully next year the construction of new blocks would be started which would complete in four to five years with the allocation of Rs1. 2 billion.

He informed that in next phase provincial chapters of National History Museum would be established in all provincial capitals of the country.

He informed that it was the unique department of the country comprised on four divisions namely Botanical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Zoological Sciences and Public Services.

The first three divisions were engaged in the collection, preservation, identification and research activities pertaining to plants, fossils and minerals and animals resources of Pakistan respectively. While the latter was responsible for mass education and popularization of the natural history through various displays, exhibits and dioramas.