PM’s Youth Internship Programme a sigh of relief

ISLAMABAD:Prime Minister’s Youth Internship Programme has brought a sigh of relief for passionate and enthusiastic students across the country.

Talking to reporter, an intern Akhlaq Ahmed said that he got an opportunity of internship under PM Youth Internship Programme which was great experience for him to work in a flexible but hard-working environment, adding that most interns are enjoying practical experience in different government and semi government organizations.

An official PM’s Youth Internship Programme said that Pakistan Vision 2025 aims to channelize and streamline the energies of Pakistan’s large youth population and realize their immense economic potential.

He said that the present government is committed to addressing this situation through major investment in youth.

Under the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme the Government is providing young people with skilled training and access to finance.

He said that PM’s Youth Internship Programme was designed to provide basis for youth training and development as well as experimental learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.