PNCA displays `Pensive Nature’ by Dr Masooma Abbas

ISLAMABAD:The Visual Arts Division of Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) displayed an exhibition of paintings “Pensive Nature” by Dr. Masooma Abbas here Thursday for art and nature lovers.

The Solo Exhibition reflected the artist’s contemplative nature which she expresses through her indigenous natural surroundings in rich acrylic tones.

The artwork aims to generate positivity in the society by bringing it close to the beauty and intellectual content of nature. People from different walks of life attended the show while Kashmala Tariq, Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplaces, inaugurated the exhibition.

Kashmala Tariq took round of the exhibited works and lauded the artistic endeavors of the female artist for exploring various dimensions of visual art.

“My work is based on keen natural observation that involves philosophical understanding of its usual and unusual settings. It is a personal experience gained through nature’s introspective contemplation that has evolved into a subjective language. Sometimes subtle glimpses convey emotional states and often phenomenon of life is sought in the natural surroundings,” artist says about her work.

“Pensive Nature” is a reflection of her spiritual contemplative nature drawing her closer to the Creator through natural meditation and further opening intellectual avenues that are most often ignored. Hence, bright acrylic colors and natural elements become symbolic and verbal. The art work aims to bring the viewer in close proximity to nature and its Creator that is also a stimulant in generating positivity in the society, she said.

Dr. Masooma Abbas is a Visual Artist, Research Scholar and Art Historian with 20 years of teaching experience in Art History and Studio Practice.

The exhibition will continue till May 4.