Police forced son to pick up gun, said Hajin man

ISLAMABAD: Family of a prominent Mujahid Nisar Ahmad Dar, 24, said that he was forced by authorities to pick up gun in Indian occupied Kashmir.

According to reporter, Nisar Ahmad Dar 24, resident of Wahab Parray Mohalla of Hajin town was booked on charges of arranging pro-freedom protests. He had twice been booked under black law Public Safety Act. For most part of 2016, Nisar Ahmad Dar was in jail and had, therefore, given up studies.

His family members said the charges against him were fake and frivolous. Local residents said he was only helping the needy in Hajin area of Bandipora.

“It was in 2014 when Indian forces started raiding our house,” said his father, Ghulam Rasool Dar, “They were looking for Nisar and when they couldn’t find him they tore up a handmade carpet we had woven for months.”

“They hit me in the head repeatedly. I was bedridden for months,” Dar said.

In 2017, to escape police harassment and detention, Nisar went to Srinagar where he extracted sand, near Rajbagh. Police raided his place in Rajbagh and he was put behind the bars. “When we asked the police why they arrested him they said he is disturbing peace in the area. That is why he picked up gun,” Dar said.

“We pleaded with the police to counsel him rather than pushing him to the wall. They ruined his career and also forced him to become a mujahid,” he said.

The harassment of the family, Dar said, did not stop. Nisar’s younger brother Aadil said the male members are frequently called to the police station for questioning. “A few days ago police asked for phone details of all family members, relatives and neighbours,” he said.