PPP for educating students about democracy, Constitution

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Sehar Kamran Tuesday underlined the need for making democratic civic education a compulsory part of curriculum and educational activities in country.

The senator made a proposal in a resolution unanimously passed by the Senate of Pakistan.

“Realizing that future of Pakistan and its 200 million people depends on continuity of democratic governance, embedded in supremacy of the Constitution and democratic civic education is an important instrument to provide people with intellectual context and develop necessary skills in them to actively and effectively participate in this national cause “ she said in the resolution.

She said about half of Pakistan’s population was under 25-year age and not all young people were fortunate to get formal school, college and university education and that core concepts like Constitutionalism, federalism and representative parliamentary institutions were missing in the textbooks taught in classrooms.

The resolution further asked that the ‘Fundamental Rights’ enshrined in the Constitution of 1973, along with an unbiased account of constitutional and democratic developments in Pakistan, shall be included in the textbooks.

It also demanded that extra and co-curricular activities at the national campuses shall include themes related to parliamentary democracy, fundamental rights and constitutionalism.

The resolution also asked that for the general public, the public service broadcasters and independent private media, under their public service obligations, shall devote a fair amount of time to expand people’s understanding of the Constitution and its relevance as a vibrant contract between citizens and the State.

It further demanded that ‘National Democracy Commission’, as envisaged in the ‘Charter of Democracy’, shall be established to promote and develop a democratic culture in the country.