PPP, PML-N appointed Justice Iqbal to protect vested interests: APML

ISLAMABAD:   All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Secretary General Dr Mohammad Amjad here Wednesday while responding to the accusations leveled by the newly appointed Chairman NAB of handing over 4000 Pakistanis to America by General Musharraf; said that either Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal should bring forth list of 4000 person or seek apology from General Musharraf.

In a statement here Wednesday, the APML secretary general said that Justice Iqbal has leveled these baseless accusation to woo his masters.

Justice Iqbal has been given a responsibility to bring back looted money. Now it is to see whether he fulfill this responsibility or provide shelter to the looters.

Dr Amjad said that Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in collaboration with each other have appointed Justice Iqbal to protect their vested interests.

Justice Iqbal falsely accusing General Musharraf to be in the good books of his masters. Both treasury and opposition benches want to protect their corruption and Justice Iqbal has been appointed for the same reason.

It is better for the newly appointed Chairman NAB to focus on horrendous cases of corruption and prove his integrity and loyalty with this country.

As a former judge of apex court of the country, it is not right for him to level baseless allegations as he better knows about the responsibility of proofs.

He should either provide a list of missing 4000 persons allegedly handed over to America by General Musharraf and in case he does not, he should seek apology from Chairman APML.