PR level crossings being inspected regularly: Official

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Railways is inspecting level crossings across the country regularly to avoid untoward incidents, a senior official of the Ministry of Railways said.

“Inspections of all manned or unmanned level crossings were being carried out by officials concerned in accordance with relevant rules and regulations,” he told reporter.

Besides, the Ministry is conducting refresher courses for the concerned staff to ensure all safety measures at level crossings.

Under these courses, special attention is given to training of locomotive crews, guards, station masters and other staff related with train operations, the official added.

He said instructions had also been issued to all operating divisions for introducing LED-based lights in tail wagons. All kerosene oil-based signals were also being converted to LEDs on main lines.

To a question, he said Railways has suffered 338 minor and major accidents, in which 118 people have lost their lives during the last four years. As many as 149 accidents were major and 189 were of minor nature.

He said that under the category of ‘collision of trains, six accidents occurred in four years. Just a single such accident occurred in 2013 and 2014 while in 2016, four such accidents occurred.

Luckily, no such accidents happened in 2015.

The official said that 13 ‘derailment’ incidents occurred in

2013, 14 in 2014, 38 in 2015 and 22 in 2016. The tally of ‘derailments’ was 87 in four years.

A total of 58 accidents took place in four years under the category of ‘collisions at manned level crossings’ out of which 14 occurred in 2013, 13 in 2014, 18 in 2015 and 13 in 2016, he said.

He said that moreover, 187 accidents took place in four years under the category of ‘collision at unmanned crossing’ out of which 47 occurred in 2013, 42 in 2014, 48 in 2015 and 50 in 2016.

As many as 52 persons from Punjab lost their lives, 43 were from Sindh and 23 from Balochistan, he added.