Precautionary measures needed to prevent children from diseases in winter: Experts

ISLAMABAD:Health experts stressed the parents to give extra attention and care to prevent children from diseases as winter season set in and temperatures fluctuates in the start of the season.

A consultant chest physician Dr Nasir Raza, talking to a private news channel said , special precautionary measures were needed to prevent children from diseases in winter season as the children were most vulnerable to the seasonal diseases due to their weak immune system.

He said a strong immune system by promoting breast feeding of babies can protect them from several seasonal diseases.

A senior chest physician said proper awareness of mothers about children health care would help to avoid risk of spreading different diseases and also reduce the deaths ratio due to ailment.

Diseases of cold and flu in children should not be taken lightly as these might lead to lower respiratory tract infections including pneumonia, he added.

“I also advise the parents not to over wrap the children and just put sweater and warm cloths as sometimes over wrapping cause sweating which is not good for them, Dr said”.

“Transition of climate always triggers different types of infections in humans. People with weak immunity are the worst sufferers during winters, Children Chest Infections Specialist Dr. Zainab informed”.

She further said high levels of pollution in air aggravate breathing problem in oldies.

Getting your child a yearly flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu. You can also reduce her risk of cold or flu by teaching her to wash her hands frequently with soap and warm water, she said, adding, children should also learn to avoid close contact and sharing food and utensils with other people.

They also need to avoid putting their hands and other non-food items in their mouth.

Doctors advised the health departments to launch a public awareness campaign and that patients suffering from influenza should be kept in isolation wards.