President for strict adherence to COVID SOPs as situation turns worrisome

ISLAMABAD:President Dr Arif Alvi Friday while calling the prevailing COVID-19 situation as worrisome, urged the countrymen to strictly adhere to the precautions to contain further spread of virus.

The president, in his video message to the countrymen, said the COVID-19 situation was getting worrisome in the region.

He said the count of coronavirus patients had reached around 5,000 in the country and the daily death ratio was also on surge. Any more increase in the COVID patients would be beyond the handling capacity of the hospitals, he added.

The president said Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had taught discipline so, it was binding for everyone to abide by his instructions and the Muslims should follow the SOPs to win over the pandemic.

He also called for wearing masks and observing other precautions during Holy Ramazan, Tarawih prayer, observance of Yaum-e-Ali and Eid congregations.

He said as per the guidance from Ulema, the old aged people should not offer Tarawih at mosques. One should wear mask if it was unavoidable to go to market. Frequent handwash for 20 seconds and three-feet distance during the prayer were also essential to prevent the infection.

The president said it was a must for the people to observe SOPs as both the public and private sectors faced resource constraint. Therefore, the spread of coronavirus could only be contained through precautions and responsible conduct of the citizens.