Protein plays a key role in human heart muscles: Expert

ISLAMABAD: A senior expert Dr Sohail Abrar said on Friday that small protein in cells of the human heart that plays a key role in heart muscle contraction asit play important biological roles.

Talking to private news channel on the world heart day he said, people of developed countries usually suffer from heart attacks after crossing the age of 60.

Urging the people to adopt measures to prevent heart diseases, he said that it is important that “we modify our lifestyles to protect ourselves”.

He added that there is no harm in staying away from things that might damage our health, which include polluted environment, junk food, cigarettes and other drugs.

He added that by staying fit, doing light exercise and early morning walks will definitely help patients get rid of high blood pressure disease.

Dr Sohail was of the opinion that organising community-based workshops in remote areas of the province can help people be aware of the illness.

He suggested that the government should help educate the masses about the deadly disease instead of spending big budgets on construction of hospital buildings.

Dr added that providing information to the people through mass media and workshops conducted at primary level will be effective in spreading the message.

He said that the private health sector has been working well.

He added that the government alone cannot do anything, but soon people will see the progress of health department. The government wants to work along with society and that is where the success of health department is, said Dr.