PTI asks PML-N to name persons involved in crippling economy

ISLAMABAD: Braggarts of democracy, who acted as pawns in conspiring and toppling democratic governments in the past, have become protectors of Sharifs looted wealth.

After mudslinging campaign against state institutions, PMLN is naively trying to act angelic.

Khawaja Saad Rafique’s tweet is a clear demonstration of playing victim card, said spokesperson Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf responding to Saad Rafique’s message on the social networking website.

According to the details issued by Central Media Department Spokesperson PTI has stated that PMLN’s hateful and hostile campaign against judiciary and the Armed Forces has exposed the evil designs of the ruling party and it is evident that this malicious campaign is aimed at intimidating state institutions to disrupt accountability process for political gains. It is extremely shameful, spokesperson said; PMLN acts innocent after mudslinging against state and its institutions. “Self styled champions of democracy are committed to safe guard looted wealth of nation”, he added.

Spokesperson PTI asked Saad Rafique to tell that who is responsible for country’s crippled economy and also bring into open those “pawns” that pushed Pakistan into the chasm of circular debt. From PM Junejo to Benazir Bhutto, spokesperson added, PMLN patsies played active role in conspiring and toppling democratic regimes. PMLN have the “honor” of getting paid by ISI and Osama Ben Laden in their obnoxious plots against democracy in the country, said Spokesperson PTI.

He concluded stating that these PMLN goons and puppets are raving about “Fall of Dhaka” and depicting the accountability process as a threat to country’s security.”Time has come to cast those pawn and puppets aside and put an end to the smear campaign against democracy”, Spokesperson PTI maintained.