PTI’s prudent policies to turn country into economic giant: Farrukh Habib

ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary Secretary for Railways, Farrukh Habib Sunday said government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan would turn the country into economic giant with promoting seed development and research for agriculture sector.

Talking to a private news channel , Farrukh said that the country was fast moving on the path of progress and prosperity due to the prudent policies and decisions taken by the incumbent government.

He said that government was focusing on agricultural research and development to promote export-focused production that cannot be avoided anymore as it is vital for agro-based industrial development.

The government was only in struggle to make Pakistan a geo-economic hub of the region, he mentioned.

He said the government would take all-out measures to facilitate the farmers as development of the agriculture sector was among its priorities.

He further explained that the agriculture sector of the country was being faced with multiple issues including water scarcity, low quality seeds and pesticides and it was badly neglected by PML-N government.

Habib further explained that government had also formulated different fruitful policies, which would become especially important in the wake of climate change and water shortages.

He said to preserve water resources and strengthen agriculture sector, PTI-led government was also constructing new dams, adding, unfortunately since last 50 years no dam was constructed in the country to fulfill the need of energy and water.

We introduced new technologies in the country, he said, adding, we revived industry and paid special focused on construction industry where job seekers can easily get jobs.

While criticizing past PML-N government, he said it was regrettable to say that factories were closed due to energy crisis; millions of workers were bound to wander in the streets without any job.

Habib said previous government of PML-N had signed expensive energy agreements to generate costly electricity to fill its pockets and ignored refurbishing of the transmission lines.

He said now the PTI government was renegotiating expensive agreements with Independent Power Producers to improve the power sector.

Responding to a query about inflation, he said the federal government was considering different options to control the inflation to ease burden on the masses.