Punjab establishes 200 non formal schools besides educating 7,583 child workers

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Labour and Human Resource Department has set up 200 non-formal schools besides imparting education among 7,583 child workers of bricklins situated in four districts of Punjab including Gujrat, Faisalabad, Sargodha and Bahawalpur under a special project.

According to an official document, the department has also enrolled 91,000 labour children in nearby schools in collaboration with the education department.

Punjab government has provided Rs 1,383.65 million for providing birth certificates and ‘Khidmat Cards’ to the enrolled children.

During a recent three day special campaign, provincial labour department has raided 3,482 places and recovered 792 children illegally employed in different factories, businesses and bricklins.

737 FIRs were lodged against the accused for illegally employing the (underage) children.

Punjab government has introduced new schemes for ending child labour.

Registration of traders has been made online besides abolishing the registration fee.