QCB orders private hospitals to clear additional charges on medicines, cancels pharmacy license

ISLAMABAD:The Quality Control Board (QCB), Islamabad, has directed all private hospitals of the Federal capital to exempt any additional amount charged on the provision of medicines from the admitted patients.

The Additional Secretary, Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, chaired the 49th meeting of the QCB, in which these directions were issued.

Sardar Shabbir Ahmad, Secretary QCB and Senior Drug & Food Inspector, Islamabad, Dr Zaeem Zia, District Health Officer, Islamabad, Additional Director Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), and other health experts also attended the meeting.

Shabbir Ahmed, SQCB, presented 23 cases that had violated the DRAP Act/Drugs Act, 1976 for the decision, which was disposed of as per law.

The Board granted permission for prosecution in seven cases, whereas the license has been suspended in two of the cases.

As a result of repeated violations, the license of one medical store was cancelled. Moreover, the Board issued a warning in 10 cases. The sealing period of the two pharmacies has also been extended.

In addition, QCB decided to hold a meeting every month to dispose of the cases without delay.