Ramazan’s first Friday to be observed as Youm-e-Toba Astaghfar day

ISLAMABAD: The first Friday of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak would be observed as repentance and forgiveness day (Youm-e-Toba Astighfar) to renew the pledge to lead the lives in accordance with Quran, Sunnah and collectively beseech the Almighty Allah to forgive the mankind and save it from the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

An official of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony told reporter, that the meeting of religious scholars and Ulema held the other day had decided to observe the repentance and forgiveness day – to seek blessings of Almighty Allah and reiterate the pledge to implement preventive measures against covid-19 as defined in 20-point declaration announced by the government and Ulema the other day.

He said Ulema across the country will deliver sermons at Friday prayers seeking to reassure worshippers to adhere following the Covid guidelines and reminding them of the Islamic injunctions to save lives.

Taking precautions against such diseases was also a requirement of Shariah, he said adding that the instructions issued by the government and the NCOC (National Command and Operation Centre) should be followed by public as these were in accordance with Shariah.