Rehman urges Chief EU Parliament to withdraw anti Pakistan resolution

ISLAMABAD:Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged President European Parliament to withdraw its resolution against Pakistan and bring a resolution of economic sanctions against India also for misusing EU soil against for malicious, fake, and fabricated propaganda against Pakistan.

In a letter to President European Parliament David Maria Sassoli, he said the people of Pakistan are highly disturbed and shocked by the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on April 29 calling for a review of trade relations with Pakistan and ending its eligibility for the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) status.

Making the letter public at a press conference, Rehman Malik said that interviews and public research conducted by IRR shows that the people of Pakistan have taken the EU Parliament resolution as interference in the sovereignty of Pakistan.

He said that they considered it highly discriminatory, interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs, and against international interfaith harmony.

Rehman Malik said the people of Pakistan have great respect for all religions including Christianity and there is no religious discrimination in Pakistan as people of all faiths have the freedom in teaching, practicing, worshiping, and celebrating their faiths and festivals without any fear.

He in his letter stressed that making legislation and its implementation is the sole sovereign right of any sovereign country and all Pakistani laws are made to satisfy its own national social justice system.

He added the people of all faiths living in Pakistan and their rights are well protected in the Constitution of Pakistan.

“I would like to express that the European Union (EU) Parliament should have afforded a hearing to representatives from Pakistan or had at least heard the Pakistan ambassador in Belgium prior to bringing this resolution before Parliament”, his letter reads.

In his letter, Senator Malik writes that the people of Pakistan are concerned as to where was the EU Parliament when EU DisinfoLab based in EU had uncovered Indian propaganda of the highest intensity against Pakistan adding it is no more a secret that India had been using the soil of the EU against a sovereign state of Pakistan unchecked by EU which is against international laws.

He urged the President EU Parliament that the people of Pakistan expect a resolution from EU Parliament against India condemning the misuse of its soil for malicious propaganda against Pakistan and appeal EU to impose economic sanctions on India for this illegal act of breaching EU trust and have compromised the position of EU by using its soil to damage the interest of a fellow sovereign state.