Religious Ministry provided medical facilities to 319,000 Hujjaj in Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD: The Hajj Medical Mission had provided medical facilities to over 319,000 Hujjaj during Hajj 2017, said official sources in Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Monday.

The services of as many as 1448 Pakistani Muavineen-i-Hujjaj were hired for facilitating Hujjaj in Saudi Arabia.The ministry had also hired the services of 1355 local Muavineen-e-Hajj to provide services to Hujjaj at Saudi Airports, residences, hospitals and other areas, he said.

Especial monitoring teams of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony had helped recovering Rs 50 million of Private Scheme Hujjaj from Hajj Gropu Organisers (HGOs).

He said Saudi Riyals 250 had been returned to 60,000 Hujjaj owing to non availing of train facility. While 6,000 Hujjaj had been returned Rs 300 per head for having accommodations far from Madina Munawara.

A total of 379 missing Hujjaj had been located while 1225 missing bags of Hujjaj were also returned to them by Ministry muavineen. As many as 104 Hujjaj of Government and 40 private scheme had died during hajj 2017. The deceased were buried in Jannat ul Mualla and Janatul Baqi. The heirs of the deceased would be paid Rs 500,000 each from Hujjaj Mohafiz Fund.