’reparations for ‘Brand Pakistan’ launching underway’

ISLAMABAD: Digital marketing holds promising future for tourism sector. Thanks to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government which has realized this fact in time.

Soon after coming into the power, it tasked the PTDC to develop a customized brand for introducing the local tourism industry at the global stage through digital means.

The task has now been accomplished with the help of International experts and all the relevant stakeholders.

At the moment, the initiative is in the process of launching as confirmed by a top official of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in an exclusive chat with reporter.

“Launching plan for unveiling the ‘Brand Pakistan’ is underway as private sector is being engaged for its launch, ” PTDC Managing Director Aftab-ur-Rehman Rana said, adding the initiative would be rolled out once the coronavirus pandemic slowed down in the country.

He said the initiative was aimed to transform the country’s image by projecting its breath-taking tourist resorts at international level through digital means.

“All components of the project including Brand Pakistan, exclusive tourism portal, a ten-year road-map for tourism promotion, a five-year action plan and national minimum standards for hospitality sector will be unveiled together at its launching ceremony, ” said another officer of the PTDC.

Giving details of the project, he said the Brand Pakistan had an exclusive tourism portal, which was meant to promote the country’s tourist attractions across the world through virtual galleries, videos and documentaries.

It would provide world-class exposure to Pakistan’s tourist attractions through one click. It consisted of a user-friendly interface to interact with the prospective tourists and give them the necessary and latest information about the country’s tourist attractions, he added.

He said a ten-year road-map to invigorate tourism industry was also part of the project.

The ‘National Tourism Strategy’ (NTS) 2020-2030 would ensure maximum utilization of its huge resources for sustained economic growth, poverty alleviation and reduced social inequalities.

He said the strategy was guided by a vision (2020-2030) that envisaged, a mature, sustainable and responsible tourism industry contributing significantly to the economic development of Pakistan and the quality of life of all her people, primarily through job creation, social inclusion and economic growth.

The NTS would raise the industry’s competitiveness and ensure maximum utilization of Pakistan’s natural, cultural, historical and geographical assets, he added.

As a part of National Tourism strategy, he said, a five-year National Tourism Strategy Action Plan (2020-2025) had also been prepared that would provide a road-map for effective implementation of the strategic efforts to boost tourism.

To a query, he said the project might have launched earlier, but delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.