Representatives urges for implementation of early child marriage

ISLAMABAD:Representatives of civil society Monday urged the authorities concerned for urgent implementation on early child marriages.

They said this menance violating many lives in the society as the highest ratio revealed in Sindh province,it was urged to address this issue as many laws had been passed by the legislators but it was needed to be implemented.

Social activists said to ensure proper implementation of early child marriage laws to root out this menace for mental, emotional and physical development of girls.

They said the highest number of girl child marriages was recorded in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Another social activist, Samina Ahmed said the girls who are married at early age face psychological issues. They often feel isolated and dis-empowered and are deprived of their basic rights to health, education and safety.

She added child brides face more risks of experiencing health complications and suffer domestic violence due to less knowledge about their rights, she added.