Rescued pangolin released in NMHP

ISLAMABAD:The Indian pangolin named Manis Crassicaudata, rescued from sector F-7 of the Federal Capital has been released in National Margalla Hills Park (NMHP) by Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) on Thursday.

Junior ambassador of Pakistan Wildlife Foundation Minahil Safwan, who rescued pangolin from sector F-7, told reporter that her department was informed by Shaoukat, a resident of F-7, about the presence of an odd looking animal in his vicinity.

After reaching to the residence of Shaoukat, Minahil said she along with her family rescued the animal and released this elusive but ecologically vital mammal back to his habitat.

“The park is the right place for this mammal because a healthy population of this species is under strict surveillance of the IWMB’s team there,” she said.

She said the animal was the only mammal in the world having scales on its fluffy and soft body, adding: “this armored coat is its number one enemy.”

Minahil said the scales were made of “Keratin”, that was the same material contained by human nails and hairs. The scales were used in the traditional Chinese medicine due to some wrong folk lore that scales contained fantastic medicinal qualities and the flesh of the pangolin has extraordinary healing properties in a long list of ailments.However, the modern medical science had proved this myth totally false, she maintained.

She pointed out that every year, more than one hundred thousand animals were smuggled from continental Africa and some parts of Asia via Thailand and Vietnam, due to high demand of its nails and scales.

The population had declined up to 90 % over a period of just 8 years, she added.