Resolution of Kashmir issue must for peace, prosperity: Naqash

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Islamic Political Party Jammu and Kashmir (IPPJK), Mohammad Yousuf Naqash Sunday said that the non-resolution of Kashmir issue was a big hurdle in the way of prosperous future of the South Asian region, particularly Pakistan and India.

In a press statement received here, the IPPJK Chairman said that the unresolved issue was also a constant threat to peace and security of the region and had resulted in arms race between India and Pakistan.

Naqash said that the Kashmir issue had also incited hatred between these two neighbouring countries, which he said had badly affected the people of the subcontinent, stressing the need for prioritizing the resolution of the issue in the interest of peace, security and prosperity of the region.

Lamenting on the oppressive policies and tactics being used by India in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K), the IPPJK head said that unabated oppression and military violence unleashed by India could not help it in suppressing the ongoing movement for right to self-determination.

He said that the people of Kashmir were determined to continue their just struggle against all odds to achieve the goal of freedom from Indian illegal occupation.

Naqash stressed the need for resolving the Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the subjugated and oppressed people and in consonance with relevant United Nation Security council resolutions through dialogue between the concerned parties.

He urged India to shun its unprincipled obduracy and ego of military might and respond positively to the dialogue offer by Pakistan and people of the occupied territory.