Restaurants making double profit to sell out substandard foodstuffs

ISLAMABAD: Restaurants’ owners in different areas of the capital are using substandard material in cooking fast foods for making double profit.

Residents from different localities complained that the fast food restaurants located on various places and roads are allegedly selling stale and low quality food items.

They said that the restaurants’ owners are using substandard material in cooking fast foods for making double profit.

“They just have a craze for earning big money and do not care about how many lives can be affected by the malpractice,” they regretted.

Food Expert Professor Shahana Arooj Kazmi talking to private news channel said unhygienic food-outlets has now become a serious problem for public health as eating out is a common lifestyle nowadays.

So when people go out to eat, they should care about the hygienic conditions of the food they are going to eat.

The intake of unhygienic food is a major problem in our society. It can cause severe health problems, she said.

“Apparently these restaurants are very beautifully decorated but inside their kitchens, there are heaps of rubbish and wastes,” she claimed, saying the chicken, used in fast foods is also of low quality and the workers at these restaurants do not maintain proper sanitary conditions and do not adopt hygienic measures while cooking food.

She said stomach infection and abdominal pain are the instant problems that individuals might face after eating at food outlets.

She further mentioned that diarrhoea and gastro, especially among children, was caused by unhygienic conditions prevailing in the cities.

Unhygienic food might lead to more serious problems like urinary tract infection, abdominal cavity infection, gastroenteritis, vomiting and stomach cramps, she explained.

Food Expert said “We have to aware the common people regarding food and the type of food stuff they should or should not use.”