Rs 1.458 bln spent on Research and Development since 2013-14

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has spent Rs 1.458 billion on Scientific and Technological projects on Research and Development activities since 2013-14 to this year.

An amount of Rs 407.732 million was spent in 2013-14, followed by Rs 296.974 million in 2014-15, Rs 293.86 million in 2015-16 and Rs 460.443 million in 2016-17.

Official sources told reporter that this amount included Rs 1018.616 million Development Budget expenditure and Rs 440.062 million Non-Development Budget Expenditure during the above mentioned time span.

The detail of major Research and Development activities undertaken during this duration included provision of latest scientific equipment to the labs in major industrial hubs to catalyze the introduction of indigenization for evaluation of MoST activities, they informed.

The ministry has also upgraded the Phosphate Base Chemical Pilot Plant, Cosmetics Pilot Plant, Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant, Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Plant for undertaking Pilot Plant studies.

Besides that, for troubleshooting the industrial problems, computerized workshops with state-of-the art equipment have been established across the country.

These workshops are facilitating the local industry and entrepreneurs by allowing access to the latest technology and expert advisory services, they informed.

For need based Research and Development assistance to public and private sectors, services are being provided to industry resulting in development and testing of various products and processes i.e.testing of rubber, PVC material, water couplers, processes for production of biodegradable plastics, various surgical and pharmaceutical parts and products, Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers, Agro Products, Z Grow, Colibid Drops, Cosmetics, Neem Oil, Laxatib syrup, Mosquito repellant, Jandar (Liquid Nitrogen), Rice Grow, Anti Rheumatic Herbal, Hi – k-Potash, all over the country.

They further stated that Electrical Test Centre for Household Electrical Appliances and Lighting Products is providing services in performance evaluation of lighting products, Electric fans, Electric motors, refrigerators, air conditioners for industries resulting in overall quality improvement and energy efficiency in home appliances sector. In the area of water, research efficient land and water management practices and techniques are being introduced to improve quality of life and irrigation system in the water deficient areas and desert lands including Thar, Thal, Tando Jam, Cholistan , Kamaliya, Quetta, they added. Three water quality laboratories were established at Sialkot, Sahiwal, and Mianwali to conduct research and monitoring of water resources.

In the area of Marine Research, NIO Laboratory facilities have been strengthened to undertake Oceanographic R&D activities such as Ocean productivity, marine pollution and environment, marine biodiversity, marine ecosystem studies. In addition to the above, a number of Research and Development projects at different stages of implementation are being executed by research organizations working under MoST, they maintained.