Ruling junta made mockery of law, constitution: Siraj

ISLAMABAD: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has announced that the JI would move the Supreme Court against the bill passed by the ruling party to allow a person disqualified by the apex court to head a political party.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said that the ruling party had made a mockery of the law and the constitution through this amendment in the electoral law. He however declared that if some harm came to the democratic system due to this development, the ruling junta alone would be responsible for that.

Sirajul Haq said that the country’s politics was revolving around a family and an individual which was worst form of dictatorship and not democracy. The JI chief further said that through another amendment in the electoral law, the ruling party had provided an opportunity to the Qadyanis to join the list of Muslim voters.

He said that after the deletion of the affidavit concerning the Finality of the Holy Prophet( pbuh), the Qadyanis would be able to enroll themselves a Muslim voters and the distinction of the Qadyanis as a non Muslim minority would end. This, he said, would enable the Qadyanis to rise to the highest offices in the country.

He said that this important move was meant to advance the colonial powers against the Prophet of Islam. He announced that the JI would gather all religious parties at Mansoora on October five, to bring forth a joint line of action on the issue.

The JI chief said that the ousted Prime Minister and the ruling party had not accepted the

Supreme Court verdict in the Panama leaks case by heart otherwise they would not openly ridiculed the court judgment. He said that with such attitude of the political parties, the dream of the supremacy of the law and the constitution could not be realized.