Saira Peter releasing new Album “Tu Habib Tu Tabib” in October

ISLAMABAD: The first Pakistani Opera Star singer, Saira Peter has started preparations to release her new Sufi musical album “Tu Habib, Tu Tabib”, comprising poetry of renowned Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

In this regard, Saira Peter will come to Pakistan for the promotion of her new album from United Kingdom next month.

In a statement, she said that singing Sufi spiritual poetry was her passion and she was proud to spread sufi teachings across the world.

Saira Peter’s voice has a unique mystical quality. The fact that she is well-versed in Eastern while her opera music is also rare.

She paid a glowing tribute to her teachers for training her in Opera singing, adding that anybody getting training in Opera, can sing in any genre of music.

She said that our renowned singers were doing their best and they were being admired across the world. However, she stressed for taking further measures to promote music of Pakistan in more better way.

She has specialization in the musical version of Sindhi Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry.

She said that Opera music was spiritual and that’s why it was going to help spread his message across the world and realise his dream.”

Saira Peter said that she had been in the world of music for the last 16 years. She said that her new album would be a gift for her fellows in Pakistan.

It is her second album on the poetry of renowned Sufi Saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, according to statement.