Seven outlaws arrested, weapons recovered

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police on Tuesday has launched a crackdown against criminals at different localities of the district and arrested seven outlaws.

According to details, Sabzi Mandi police arrested two accused Zahir Ullah and Sayam and recovered two 30 bore pistol alongwith ammunition from their possession, a police spokesman said.

Homicide unit police arrested accused Waleed Arafat and recovered one 30 bore pistol from him. Banigala police arrested two accused Ehtesham and Akhtar Zada involved in illegally cylinder gas filling.

Cases have been registered against the nabbed person and further investigation was underway.

During a special crackdown police teams arrested two offenders from various areas of the city.

SSP Operations Islamabad appealed to parents not to allow children to buy or fly kites because it was dangerous. He also sought cooperation of citizens to make the lives of all secure and safe.