Shifting Kashmiri prisoners to Coronovirus-hit Haryana state an inhuman act: Naqash

ISLAMABAD:Strongly condemning the shifting of Kashmiri prisoners to the jail of Haryana state of India, the hub of Covid-19 pandemic, the Islamic Political Party Jammu and Kashmir (IPPJ&K)Chairman, Mohammad Yousuf Naqash Monday termed this revengeful act as most inhuman.

“It is very unfortunate that the lives of these Kashmiri prisoners are being put on danger by sending them to jails of Indian states where the Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc during last two weeks,” he said according to statement issued here by IPPJ&K.

Naqash said that such systematic oppressive policy of New Delhi was aimed at stabbing, crushing and silencing the popular ongoing movement for Right to Self Determination.

However, he said, India would never succeed in such nefarious designs, keeping in view the strong resolve of people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

He said that at a time when the whole world had come to rescue India and save its people from pandemic, it was also time for India to give due consideration to saving human lives in IIOJK.

He quoted United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutress having said on April 7, 2020, soon after the 1st wave of the pandemic, that any solution to Kashmir dispute issue must be taken into consideration.

Naqash also supported the call of United Nations High commissioner for Human rights, urging the release of Kashmiri prisoners on priority basis who were detained for critical and dissenting views.

He also quoted the statement of Indian Supreme Court of March 23 , 2020 direction to all states and union territories of India to consider the release of prisoners on bail in view of the pandemic.

The bench had observed that the right to interim bail had arisen in the unprecedented circumstances of pandemic and the nature of its consideration was based on humanity to safe guard human lives.

However, India dishonored both International demands and the order of its own apex courts, which speaks volumes about its mischievous and dubious mindset and designs regarding occupied Kashmir.

Naqash urged the world community to pressurize India for the release of Kashmiri prisoners on humanitarian grounds as the ongoing second wave of pandemic had crippled the whole healthcare infrastructure in India, resulting in rapid increase in infections and mortality rate.

He said that the infection rate was also increasing in jails, where both staff and prisoners were suffering.

Naqash lamented that instead of releasing Kashmiri prisoners, India shifted dozens of them to the hub of infection.