Sirajul Haq demands immediate expulsion of Myanmar envoy

ISLAMABAD: Rallies and demonstrations expressing solidarity with the oppressed Rohingya Muslims were held all over the country on the appeal of the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, demanding immediate expulsion of the Myanmar envoy from the country and snapping all ties with her.

Rallies were staged in the federal capital, the provincial capitals, besides major cities all over the country. Sirajul Haq, while addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora, mosque, said that the Pakistan government had not taken any step in line with the nation’s aspirations on the issue of the Rohingya Muslims. It was unfortunate, he said, that the Muslim rulers were not raising their voice in support of the oppressed Muslims for the fear of the world powers. He said, had there been any bold Muslim rulers imbued with self respect and sense if dignity, the bloodletting of the Muslims of Kashmir, Burma and Palestine would not have been possible.

He said that no Muslim w ruler except Turkish President Erdogan had expressed solidarity with the Rohingya Muslims nor had any other rule visited the Rohingya camps to offer his support to them. Sirajul Haq urged Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to promptly visit the Rohingya refugees camps, snap all ties with Myanmar and also mobilize other Muslims state for complete boycott of Myanmar.

He said all Muslim states should sever all ties with Myanmar till its government agreed to give all rights to the Rohingya Muslims and such assurance was given by the United Nations. He said that the Muslim world should demand an independent Muslim state for the Myanmar Muslims to permanently resolve the issue.

Speaking on the advent of the moth of Moharam, the JI chief said that the Moharam al Haram gave the message of struggle and sacrifice and for standing firm against the forces of evil. He said that Imam Husain and his entire family sacrificed their lives at karbala and gave the eternal message to humanity that it was better to court martyrdom instead of yielding to the forces of evil.

Sirajul Haq further said that the JI considered government as a means for the enforcement of the Islamic system because the system brought by Prophet Moses could not be introduced in the rule of Pharaoh. He said that a believer could not tolerate the supremacy of the evil. JI deputy chief Hafiz Mohammad Idrees, while addressing a big rally outside Mansoora on Multan Road after Juma prayers, said that the violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar was unprecedented and said that the Muslim rulers would have to wake up to stop the genocide of the Burmese Muslims. He said that if the Myanmar envoy was not expelled forthwith, the JI would stage a million march towards the Myanmar embassy.

He said that Rohingyas villages and habitations were being set on fire along with their inmates. He said it was a paradox that the Buddhist monks who considered killing a sparrow or an ant as a sin, thought slaying a Muslim an act of virtue.

JI Information Secretary Amirul Azeem said on the occasion that the world conscience and the United Nations had proved to be deaf, dumb and blind to the bloodshed of the Muslims in Myanmar. He said, “we don’t complain against the world at large, but we pity the Muslim rulers who needed the nod of their alien masters even for the show of solidarity with the oppressed Rohingyas”.

He said that the government had passed some resolutions and issued some statements in support of the Rohingyas after protest by the JI and the JI Chief Sirajul Haq. However, he said, that that was not enough. He said that the Pakistan government should go ahead and lodge protest in the UN on its silence on the issue of Muslims’ genocide in Burma.