Skill Council to act as bridge between business community and skilled workers: Cheema

ISLAMABAD: A skill council had been established in hospitality and tourism sector to improve contribution of industrial sector and it would act as a bridge between Business community and skilled workers, said Executive Director NAVTTC, Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema on Thursday.

Addressing an important meeting held here he said that “If we energize our hospitality and tourism sector then we can be the one of the leading nations in the world especially in south Asia,” a press release said here.

Zulfiqar said that Sector skill council would play its due role in determining modern curriculum, monitoring mechanism, decisive examination of trade and opportunities as per training of the skilled workforce.

The meeting was attended by industrialist and experts of the construction sector.

Prominent amongst the meeting were Vice executive officer of Kotham Ahmed Shafique, Rizwan Tarmazi from Islamabad Hotels, Ramada, Savourfood chain skilzton Karachi and some other representative of such groups.

Zulfiqar Cheema mentioned sector skill council would play a role of bridge between government and industry.

“Pakistan is a country full with talented people, if we raise the standard of training to highest level we can grow with the growing world,” he said.

Furthermore we will formulate the new curriculum regarding food safety soon that will help improving our training standard.

Mohammad Akhtar Bawani, vice chairman Hashoo foundation lauded NAVTTC initiative of industrial partnership and establishing relationship with businessmen.

He termed the establishment of skill council an importantstep in right direction.

Umar Sharif head of food and Baverage operation of DHA club said he would soon start a training program.