Smart lockdown strategy in Punjab bearing fruit, Yasmin Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Health minister Yasmin Rashid Monday said that the government’s smart-lockdown strategy was appearing to be having a positive effect in Punjab city of Lahore, where COVID-19 cases are declining gradually.

Talking to a Private news channel, Yasmin Rashid said the Punjab government has tightened restrictions and imposing fines across the province to control the COVID-19 spread, especially in Lahore, adding, the increased cases of coronavirus in Lahore gradually comes under controlled after the implementation of smart lockdown measures.

She said since last few days health department of Punjab were seeing that the measures that we have been working on population level are giving some positive results.

Minister urged the masses to show responsibility to follow the SOPs given by the health authorities, adding, we can not control the pandemic without help from the masses.

The positivity rate in some cities was constantly increased in previous weeks and the third wave was looming, which was poses a serious and imminent threat to public health.

However, she assured the people that her government was taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and said there is no need to panic.

Replying a Query, she said an increase in infections would lead to closure of businesses that will not only push the economy down, but also people to face hunger.

“Taking preventive measures and vaccination is only way to beat the pandemic, she said, adding, hopefully public would fully cooperate with the government and implement the SOPs seriously”.

The testing capacity was also increased and around 49 ventilators are still available in Lahore hospitals which can be utilized easily, she added.

Regarding the schools, she commented that after two days NCOC will hold a meeting and would announced its further decision related to schools in which the infection rate of coronavirus would be explained.

In another Query, she said a joint teams have been constituted to check violation of government directives.

Related to Vaccination, she said vaccinating people is the government’s foremost priority, the elderly and persons with disabilities who are unable to visit vaccination centers can call on health line 1033 to get anti-Covid-19 jabs at their homes.