Some advisers, ministers misguided Nawaz: Punjab CM

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Tuesday that some advisers and ministers gave wrong recommendations to Nawaz Sharif as they only loved their designation.

He was addressing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers at Convention Center in Islamabad where Nawaz Sharif was elected unopposed as party’s president for the next four years.

“If we work along with our workers, no one can harm or threaten us in any way,” Shehbaz Sharif said while advising his elder brother.

The Chief Minister said that he would request the newly elected President of the PML-N, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif that there are workers and leaders who have suffered a lot and went to Jails.

“These people are the part and parcel of our democratic journey; you should make a decision and move further in the light of the consultation with such people and by the grace of Almighty Allah, everything would be okayed and nobody could dare harm us,” he remarked.

Shehbaz Sharif congratulated former prime minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif for his re-election as the President of Pakistan Muslim League-N.

“Whether it’s Senate or the National Assembly, you have been elected as the PML-N President with the support from all the four provinces along with the consent of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, despite difficult circumstances and this is a great blessing and benefaction of Allah Almighty,” he said, adding; “Your re-election as the PML-N President is an acknowledgment that you are the heartbeat of the people and the masses tremendously adore you. Some of the political parties have vehemently opposed it and maintained that the law has been introduced for a particular person.”

He said that these people have forgotten that when a dictator Musharraf usurped the democracy and promulgated MLR then nobody objected to it. The system was run through LMR and PCO for nine long years. When a legislative elected by the people has constituted a law, then why are you objecting to it? Now, you have no right to object to it and make hue and cry.

He said during the last four years, despite sit-ins, lockdown, opposing circumstances and closing down of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad cities by the opponents, the PML-N government worked day and night to wriggle the country out of the quagmire of crises and elimination of energy crisis under the leadership of Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. The promise made by the people during the elections 2013 to remove the darkness of load-shedding from the country by Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has been fulfilled, today.

The Punjab CM said that some political parties severely opposed PML-N by saying that the amendment is being brought for a single person. “Opponents do not have any right to protest as they protested in every nook and corner of the country in the last four years,” he asserted.

Shehbaz notified that the country was plunged into darkness from the past 15 years but Nawaz Sharif eliminated obscurity despite of protests and sit-ins.

The former rulers made corruption of billions of rupees in the name of electricity projects and made dacoity with the hard earned money of the poor and looted the people, mercilessly. The continued hard work rendered by the PML-N government during the last four years will be written in the annals of history in golden words but the people, due to whom Pakistan plunged into the darkness, are lecturing against the corruption by posing themselves as neat and clean.

He said that it was decided in the meeting chaired by Mohammad Nawaz Sharif in April 2015 that gas-based power plant of 3600 megawatts capacity will be established alongside the CPEC. Despite stiff opposition from the whole of the house, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif made a brave decision of implementation of these projects.

Today is October 2017 and the electricity is being provided to the whole of the country under the first phase of these projects of 3600 megawatts capacity. These projects are an example of their own with regard to transparency and billions of rupees have also been saved in the energy projects, which is a unique phenomenon in the 70 years history of the country.

He said that the nation still remembers the drama made in the name of Diamer Bhasha Dam when Pervaiz Musharraf dug the land through tractor trolley for the sake of success in the election and made the nation fool. The PML-N government has procured land with a cost of Rs.100 billion to work on this project, now.

He said that the stature of Pakistan in the comity of the nations has been elevated due to different development projects including Dasu Dam, Peshawar-Karachi Motorway, CPEC and the investments of China and Turkey in Pakistan. This has also given new confidence to the foreign investors. On the other side, there is Nandipur Power Project whose machinery remained rusted at the Karachi Port for three long years due to the lust of former federal minister and as a result of it; the poor nation had to bear losses to the tune of billion of rupees. The international court has given its verdict of 765 million dollars against Pakistan in rental power project.

The then government usurped the public money but did not produce electricity for the nation. Eighteen years has been passed to the Neelam-Jhelum Project and this project is going to be completed at a snail’s pace, now. The amount of money which has been spent on this project till today was sufficient for the setting up of three projects of the size of 1320 megawatts Sahiwal Coal Power Plant.

Has the accountability only meant for Nawaz Sharif and Sharif family? If accountability is needed to be done then all must be held accountable in a transparent manner and the accountability should be started from PML-N. The nation could not afford that the most corrupt elements having their properties in America, Middle East, Canada and in other countries give lectures to them through television and hold press conferences.

He inquired that if any electricity project has been installed in the KPK during the last four years? When Lahore faced the fatal attack of dengue in 2010, then we defeated this epidemic by working day and night but Imran Khan labeled us as ‘Dengue Brothers,’ but when dengue attacked Peshawar, then Khan Sahib went to the hills and instead of fighting against dengue in Peshawar, he sat in Nathia Gali and did nothing for the poor people of Peshawar.

Khan Sahib objected to Metro Bus project by saying that excessive spending has been made on this project and he would have utilized the money meant for metro bus for the establishment of hospitals and schools.

“He also leveled wrong allegation of spending of Rs. 70 billion over the project which he could not proved, till today. Similarly, Khan Sahib made another drama of Rs.27 billion and did not reply to my legal notice. Then, he leveled an allegation of bribe of Rs.10 billion in Panama case and I went to the court but Khan Sahib could not dare to attend the court. I am chasing him but he is seen nowhere around,” the Chief Minister remarked.