Speakers stress promotion of human values as use of force to deprive world of fruits of golabization

ISLAMABAD: Speakers at an international conference here at International Islamic University Islamabad Monday stressed on the importance of promotion of common human values and prerogatives across the world without any discrimination as use of force would deprive it of the fruits of globalization.

The three-day multi-disciplinary conference on “ Local Cities, Foreign Capitals: Finding the Local Anchor in the Global Cultures” is a joint venture of the departments of English, Politics & International Relations at IIUI and the University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA, as part of the US Department of State’s University Partners Grant Programme. It is the second in a series of such conferences after the first one was hosted by UNCW in May 2016, a press release said.

More than 100 papers will be presented by researchers from various countries on issues as diverse as globalization, diaspora studies, religious identities, global politics, world literature, linguistics and many more. The conference is expected to address the myriad and seminal forms of impact that globalization has had and continues to exert on the many facets of religion, politics, society and culture in the world.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, being the keynote speaker at the inauguration ceremony of the conference, said double-standards of societies towards globalization would affect the globalization and there was a dire need for disseminating peace across the globe.

Talking about the role of Pakistan in globalization, he said that Pakistan’s role was pivotal as far as globalization and humanitarian efforts were concerned. He said that Pakistan accommodated millions of refugees from Islamic countries in the past and welcomed them with an open heart.

He said some 7.7 million Pakistanis were working in different countries and contributing to the global economy, while more than 2000 Pakistani troops had helped the United Nations to complete the mission of serving humanity across the world.

IIUI President Dr Al-Draiweesh said in his presidential speech that dialogue was the salient feature of globalization and was the ultimate solution to the global problems. He continued that Islam had nothing to do with terrorism as it advocated peace, humanity and peaceful co-existence in all the societies. Islam was a global religion which addressed humanity, he added.

The IIUI President urged the universities to play role in promotion of peaceful co-existence in all human societies. The IIUI, he said, was a hub of cultural diversity which provided a peaceful milieu for knowledge to students of more than 40 countries.

Dr Caroline Clements also spoke on the occasion and thanked the IIUI for collaboration with her university and termed the conference a successful activity for constructive recommendations on the topic.

Dr. Munawar Iqbal Gondal, Dean Faculty of Languages and Literature, apprised the participants of the objectives and topics of the conference and told about various sessions. He hoped that researchers would come up with best recommendations.

Dr Husnl Amin, executive director, IRD of the IIUI, highlighted the goals of the conference.

The conference will conclude on October11.