Survey on child labor to be conducted soon

ISLAMABAD:The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has planned to conduct the child labor survey in collaboration with local government in all provinces which would be completed by the end of 2020 to collect the fresh statics of child labor, an official of UNICEF said here on Thursday.

Talking to reporter, the official said that under the International Child Labor programme various initiatives have been carried out in various sectors such as carpet weaving, surgical, glass bangles, deep sea fishing , leather tanneries, domestic work, coalmines ,rag-picking, out-workshop and brick kiln.

The official told that ILO had trained the staff in 2018 to provide financial assistance for the child labor survey in this regard.

The official added that the ministry of labor would establish five programme of child labor at the local level adding that the ILO has helped to develop a District Model approach to built the capacity and provide tools to the district government to address the issue of child labor at the local level.

The ILO has helped the Ministry of Education to ensure that national Education Policy 2009 effectively respond to rehabilitate child laborers through the provision of formal and non-formal education.