Syrian ‘Shawarma’ magnetizing islooiites in bulk

ISLAMABAD:Pure Arabic “shwarama” by a Syrian refugee in the federal capital has been talk of the town as people of Islamabad were turning up to his stall in large number to support this hardworking migrant.

Set up in Sector F-10, this stall’s claim to fame was that they make the original Arabic Shawarma, which was totally different from typical Pakistani shawarma as it takes more than a day to prepare it to retain its original Arabic texture and taste.

“This is a special shwarama, which is very popular in Middle East especially in Syria. I don’t know the recipe of Pakistani shawaram but this one takes a lot of effort to prepare”, said Muhammad Adnan, the Syrian stall owner.

Adnan said that he prepares the meat with all the spices and let it marinate for 24 hours before opening his shop. “This ‘roti’ is Tortilla and I prepare it at home with all homemade ingredients. This is my own recipe which cannot be found with this taste across the country”, claimed Adnan while talking to reporter.

He said it has been more than 5 months since he started this business and response from the people of this city has been amazing. “I usually sold 150-200 shawarma on weekends. Now the work was getting busy with weather getting cold in Islamabad as people want to come out in evening to have a good meal while enjoying the weather”, he said.

Since he was mentioned on social media by one of his customers, public swarmed in to grab the taste of his original recipe. People have been standing in long queues for hours just to taste the untainted Arabic cuisine and to support this guest from Middle East who was trying to make both ends meet by earning respectable livelihood.

One of the customers, Ayesha Khan, said, “The fascinating thing about this Syrian migrant running shawarma stall was his hard work. He took the challenge, educated himself and did not give up on securing a respectable life which is truly inspiring”.

Another customer, Nabeel Ahmad, said that it was actually rather refreshing to have an authentic cuisine here in the city. “We were used to have that typical shawrama filled with substandard mayonnaise, ketchup and rotten cabbage wrapped in Naan bread. It was health hazard and even did not taste good”, he added.

Expressing gratitude and love for his host country, Adnan said Pakistanis are great people who have shown tremendous support for his hard work. “I especially love this city and have no plans to go back to my country any time soon”, he added.