Tailors stop taking orders with start of last Ashra of Ramazan

ISLAMABAD:Majority of the tailors in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have stopped taking more orders for stitching clothes especially those who have to rush to their hometowns for celebrating the upcoming festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Another factor of taking no more stitching orders by the tailors is the closure of businesses from May 8 as per the government decision as a part of COVID-19 curtailing measures.

The month of Ramazan proves as blessing for many especially tailors, beauticians, and retailers of garments, shoes, jewelry and many other accessories who earn huge business before arrival of Eid.

However, all these businesses will be closed from Saturday and can earn maximum profits through selling their items and providing services to the people till Friday.

It has been observed that majority of the tailors in main markets stop taking orders after mid of Ramazan, however, those in towns and streets continue to take orders till the last Ashra but this time the tailors are not taking new orders and trying to complete their previous orders .

“I bought my dress for Eid very late due to my busy office schedule and closure of markets after 6:00 pm and during the weekend. My tailor has refused to take my clothes for stitching as he has to wind up all the stitching work and move to Multan for enjoying Eid with his family and relatives there”, Saima Mohsin, a working woman said.

“Ultimately, I have to go for readymade dress at this time when all good stuff, designs and sizes would have been sold”, she said while talking to this news agency.

Shaista Amin, a house wife living in G-9 sector while arguing with her tailor told that, “I have already booked my order with the tailor but now he has refused to take my dress for stitching citing the reason that he has to move to his hometown early due to the closure of public transport amid COVID-19 surging cases”.

She said, “Now she has to manage ready to wear clothes which are more expensive and would double her expenditures”.

Mohsin, a tailor at Commercial Center, Rawalpindi said “Although I keep space to take for three or four orders during the last Ashra of Ramazan for those who are our regular customers but this time I have to move to my hometown in Bahawalpur before the time due to transport ban”.

He said, “I have to complete all the orders which I took from the customers before moving to my hometown for which I am working day and night”.

It is pertinent to mention here that businesses, shopping malls, public places, and recreational spots will all remain closed from May 8-16 as per directives of the concerned authorities.