Taj Muhammad stands best holy model artisan in Multan

ISLAMABAD:Devotees thronged in the month of Muharram to the shop of Taj Muhammad for purchasing the holy models of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s tomb, Hazrat Ghazi Abbas’ flag and infant Hazrat Imam Asghar’s cradle.

According to details, Multan was already known for producing beautiful handicrafts, a 70 years old Taj Muhammad carved amazing designs on models of cradle and holy tombs of martyrs who sacrificed their lives bravely in the name of Islam in Karbala centuries ago.

Taj Muhammad said he was a carpenter initially and used to make wooden furniture on orders but then he was struck with this idea to carve models of holy places and things for Muslims as decorations.

“I have been into this profession since I was a teenager and received immense satisfaction by putting my art skills to beautify the things for the devotees,” he mentioned.

He said he always put extra hard work during this month to attract the buyers and their affection toward his hand made items paid him off.

“Every year I visited this historical city to buy Muharram ul haram things as I own a shop in my city an people especially come to my shop to buy these handmade things to pay respect to the martyres of Karbala,” said Arshad Hussain a resident of Rawalpindi.

Syed Ghulam Hassan a resident of Multan stated he had witnessed the foreign and local visitors who loved the handmade wooden items for Muharram ul haram often came to get it from Multan. “I adore the small models of a cradle much that I buy in abundance to gift it to my childless friends so they could place it in Imam Bargah,” said Aaliya Khan one of the devotee of Imam Hussain.