Transgender people likely to get govt jobs

ISLAMABAD: The Establishment Division has recommended the cabinet to allocate a separate quota in the federal government jobs for transgender people on Tuesday.

The recommendation was the result of a proposal by Secretary of Establishment Division Mian Asad Hayauddin to allocate jobs in provinces under the revisited National Finance Commission formula.

The secretary also proposed to update the status quo of the quota on the basis of new census data 2017 as the allocation of jobs quota was based on the population census of 1998 which was 132.4 million.

Hayauddin also presented the provincial census data of 2017 before the cabinet. Regarding Islamabad, he said its job quota was allocated through the judgement of Islamabad High Court.

The cabinet had also approved that special persons could apply for any group by competing in CSS.

The secretary said that legislative process should be expedited.

After detailed discussion, the cabinet came on the conclusion to direct the Ministry of Law and Justice to push the pending official bill for meaningful debate in parliament.

The bill has been pending in the National Assembly since August 28, 2013.