Trend of online food deliveries for Seher, Iftar picks up momentum

ISLAMABAD:The trend of online food deliveries for Seher and Iftar is picking up momentum before the advent of the third Ashra of Ramazan due to the closure of dine-in facility by the authorities concerned amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.

Many of the people residing in the federal capital usually prefer to have Sehri and Iftari in the restaurants frequently due to their busy routine were now opting for home delivery by availing the popular food delivery services.

It can be called as following the trend and competition or due to the prevailing COVID crisis in the country that even the small Kiosks and food outlets can be accessed easily for placing orders through app-based food delivery services.

“The COVID situation has curtailed our social activities to a larger extent as we cannot go out for Iftar parties and Sehri but thanks to the era of digitization which has made it easier for us to have food from all kinds of restaurants through the app based services”, Saeeda Naz, a working woman said.

Talking to reporter, she observed that although it was risky to order food online from any restaurant when there was risk of catching coronavirus from the food or the delivery boy but its unavoidable as the kids do not like home-cooked food all the time and demand something exciting daily in Iftar.

Kamran Ali, who worked at a private company in I-8 sector said, “Me and my wife are working and we cannot manage preparing food at home most of the time so it is more convenient for us to order online Iftar”.

He said, “The food delivery services have made it easier for us to order food from any restaurant by paying minimum delivery charges. These services offer an option to the customers for availing contactless delivery which is good to avoid any risk of catching virus”.

The online food delivery services business has witnessed a boom globally after the first wave of COVID-19 when most of the countries imposed lockdown. Similarly, this business has gained boost in Pakistan too during the prevailing situation.

A number of women have also started their food outlets from their homes through registering with these bike hailing food delivery services and offering good quality home-made food to the customers which was proving to be a good source of earning for them.

Shaista Munir, a home based cooking expert, was of the view that although the pandemic brought a disaster to the lives of many but offered some opportunities too.

She said my husband was expelled from his job by a private software company during the first wave of pandemic after which I had to start food business from home. Thanks to the food delivery services which motivated me to start my own work.