UNICEF extends immunization services to 9, 406 children last year

ISLAMABAD: The United Nations Children’s (UNICEF) has provided immunization services to 9, 406 children last year including 4, 497 children from six months to 10 years in Baluchistan and 4, 909 in Sindh in 33 targeted hospitals.

The services included vaccination against measles and other contagious diseases, said a document of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Pakistan.

Likewise, the UNICEF has also extended help to a total of 9, 937 deliveries including 4, 024 deliveries in Baluchistan and 2, 913 in Sindh which were assisted by skilled birth attendants (SBAs).

Some 14, 103 pregnant women including 3, 775 were provided antenatal care (ANC) in Baluchistan and 10, 328 in Sindh through SBAs.

Similarly, some 10, 912 pregnant women were vaccinated for Tetanus including 5, 334 in Baluchistan and 5, 578 in Sindh) in the drought affected areas.

And as many as 23, 241 children under five years of age including 3, 567 in Baluchistan and 19, 674 in Sindh were treated for Pneumonia and Diarrhoea as per the standard Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMNCI) protocols.

The Lady Health Workers program, supported by UNICEF reached 65, 333 mothers, caregivers including 35, 770 in Baluchistan and 29, 563 in Sindh with health and hygiene awareness sessions.