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Unified education system is need of hour: SIC chairman

ISLAMABAD:Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) Chairman Sahibzada Hamid Raza Thursday stressed for introducing unified education system by changing the existing syllabus of both seminaries and traditional schools in the country for eliminating sense of deprivation among seminary students.

Talking to reporter, he informed a delegation of Ulema and Mashaikh called on prime minister few days ago and discussed unified education system in the meeting.

He said there were two types of madris having different themes. “One is similar to primary school that offers facility of Hifz e Quran while other offers a nine years degree that is parallel to university level education.”

He said both of these systems have importance and goals to achieve which need not to be confused with each other.

He said madaris offer students to opt subjects of English, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Science and Computer Science to qualify for bachelor or master degrees equivalence.

“I am of the view that these subjects of traditional education must be compulsory in the madaris educational system”, he added.

He said students enrolled in madaris intend to become Ulema (religious scholar) and they cannot be forced to become engineer or doctor.

“Students have choice to make their career, yet their syllabus should enable them to have understanding of formal education for a better living”, he said.

He pointed out that after 80’s when private schooling system introduced in the country that increased socioeconomic differences among the masses. “Syllabus of traditional schooling system also needs to be reviewed and subjects like Fiqa, Arabic and Islamic studies for Muslim students should be mandatory to have proper and deep understanding of the religion,” he added.

He said extremism was not product of the madaris rather its reasons were rooted in inappropriate syllabus.

“Stories of our heroes must be told to our youth so that it would help understanding out culture and religion,” he added.

He said unified education system is the vision of prime minister and Ulema would help the government to develop proper syllabus in this regard.