Ustad Baray Ghulam Ali Khan birth anniversary observed

ISLAMABAD:A legendary folk classical singer Ustad Baray Ghulam Ali Khan’s birth anniversary was observed on Tuesday.

Islamabad-based folk Star Group led by famous folk singer Laila Jutti organized an event to pay tribute to the legendary classical singer.

The event was attended by folk singers and artists including Sonu Shah, Faraz Ali Khan, Hikmat Awan, Asif Mir, Rizwan Jan, Ishaq K Ghori, Shella Hasan, Tariq Warriaich, Munahil Faridi, Farrukh Khan, Ahmed Ali Niazi, Shahid Ali Khan, Javed Shah, R.J Zeshan, Sadaqat, Naeem Shahzad, Wahid Sheikh, Saud Sano, Azhar Awan and Dr Shaheen.

Laila Jutti talking to reporter said that Ustad Baray Ghulam Ali Khan was a great classical singer of the sub-continent adding that music lovers still remember his masterly approach to the structure and unfolding of a rag.

Ustad Baray Ghulam Ali Khan was born in Kasur in 1902, a small town near Lahore, Pakistan then Punjab province in British India.

Though he started his career by singing a few compositions of his late father Ali Baksh Khan and uncle Kale Khan, Baray Ghulam amalgamated the best of three traditions into his own Patiala-Kasur style: the Behram Khani elements of Dhrupad, the gyrations of Jaipur and the behlavas (embellishments) of Gwalior.

Baray Ghulam Ali Khan was master of Khayal singing as it was refined by the Patiala Gharana of Punjabi musicians, which came to dominate the entire sub-continental melodic scene.

He died in Hyderabad Deccan in 1968, after a prolonged illness which left him partially paralyzed in his last years.