’Watermelon’ start attracting customers as temperature soaring

ISLAMABAD:As temperature soaring, a summer specialty ‘Watermelon ‘ with its affordable prices start approaching elsewhere in the country’s markets and roadside stalls to attract buyers with its nutrition effects on health during season.

The sale of watermelons has increased because of onset of summer season. People are opting for the juicy fruit to seek respite from the scorching hot weather.

Meanwhile, watermelon sellers say that due to a rise in temperature , there is a huge demand for the fruit in market.

According to fruit markets, hundreds of trucks carrying watermelon are start coming in the markets every day.

Generally, the watermelon starts coming from April every year and continues till June.

The fruit seller Rana Hamid says, its sale would further rise in the holy month of Ramazan.

On the other hand, temporary shops also set up under shades of trees in different cities are making brisk business as watermelons are available now on cheap rates.

Many kiosks selling watermelons are prominently seen in every roads to beat the heat, said a citizen Shayan Aslam.

People are trying to beat the heat with the fruit Watermelon, the refreshing summer fruit with lots of water and no fattening elements, is the hot buy this season, he added.

A vendor Jamshed Ayub said, they are happy with the rising demand for the fruit as they are doing brisk business. People are buying watermelons.

“The seasonal fruits are always more in demand than the perennial ones,” said a seller.

A customer Saud Javed said the fruit is a blessing for poor and low paid class segments.

According to physicians it reduces high blood pressure in overweight people and could minimize the risk of a heart attack.

In summer the best option for people was to take water-rich fruits like watermelon as it helps to maintain the required water level in human body and avoids dehydration besides several other benefits,” Dr Zia Yasir said

He said watermelon is a source of vitamin C and almost 92 per cent of watermelon is water, but the remaining 8 per cent is loaded with lycopene, an anti-oxidant that protects the human heart, prostate and skin health.